Monday, April 25, 2011

Interview Training

interview preparation
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Many people get nervous when they have scored a job interview, so if you're feeling a bit anxious about a forthcoming interview - don't worry, you're not alone.

One reason for feeling nervous can be the uncertainty around what you will be facing. And this is where some type of interview training and coaching could be of assistance to you ....It offers you the chance to prepare and understand what is expected of you. This is so important if you haven't been interviewed for a while.

Interview training will give you a chance to rehearse for the interview - and to get some feedback from an expert about whether you're answering questions in the right way. And you should also get some tips to help you project some degree of composure and poise - even though you might be feeling nervous!

You need to practice speaking positively about yourself and become comfortable in promoting your capabilities and achievements in order to effectively sell yourself. Interview training can help you  understand how to respond to behavioural questions - which are being increasingly used by interviewers now-days.

Being well-prepared is one of the keys to feeling confident so you can be successful at the interview ......with another key being self-belief

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