Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Job Interview - confidence from sound preparation

interview training builds confidenceLet's not kid ourselves ..... the best person for the job doesn't always win it!
Whether we like it or not, the person who wins at the job interview understands how the game is played and knows how to sell themselves. And to perform at your best requires that you be well prepared and that your interview skills are as sound as any of your technical skills

So, what are some of the essential points for you to consider as part of your interview preparation, assuming that your application has awarded you with an interview opportunity......
  1. Understand the position requirements and the selection criteria that will be used to assess you
  2. Research the organisation and know the scope of the business, including any statement of mission and values. If possible, talk to some of the staff who work there, or people who may have worked there in the past. Learn as much about their culture as possible - after all, you need to be assured that you will be comfortable working there
  3. Prepare your responses to likely questions. At least some of the interview questions can be anticipated, so rehearse your answers to these
  4. Avoid dwelling on any past unsuccessful interviews experiences you may have had. Although by all means, learn from any mistakes you may have made. But start thinking positively about what you will do differently this time.
  5. Practice your response to a very common opening interview question "Tell us a bit about yourself". Aim to deliver a maximum two minute summary of the strongest parts of your work and life experience, and education, that have equipped you with the skills and capabilities to meet the requirements of the position
  6. Plan to arrive at the interview early, so that you can ensure you are feeling composed. You certainly do not need any added anxiety caused by a traffic jam or a delayed train on your way to the interview
Interview Coaching ...

If you are looking for some one-on-one coaching and interview training to help develop or polish your interview skills, then have a look at Interview Coach Melbourne.

You may be new to the job market and feeling anxious, or it may simply have been a while since your last interview, or maybe this is your dream job and you want to grab any advantage that you can get. Regardless of your reason, it can certainly help to receive interview training from an experienced professional. However, if this is not an option for you, then just try and practice with friends or family who have had some experience in being successful at interviews.

For most people, confidence comes from feeling well prepared. Just make sure that you are practicing the right thing. Good luck at your interview - I hope you win the job that will make you happy.