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 Conducting An Interview - tips for interviewers

Mostly, this blog is a resource for interviewees- however this particular page is for interviewers.

As an interviewer, one of your responsibilities is to gather, record and evaluate relevant and accurate information about a candidate’s ability to meet the requirements of the job, as defined by the key selection criteria. As in any decision making process, your decision about who is the best candidate will only be as good as the quality of the information you have gathered. 

The more diligent and skilful you are as an interviewer, the more likely that you have prepared well and that you are gathering the type of data needed to select the best candidate.

The YouTube video below offers some tips and advice for interviewers, on how to conduct a Recruitment & Selection Interview. The video was produced for NSW TAFE and includes reference to the use of behavioural questions and the seeking of STAR examples

Some useful tips include .....
  • greet the candidate, set them at ease and thank them for attending
  • outline the agenda for the interview
  • ask only job related questions that are relevant to assessing a candidate's ability to perform the duties of the role
  • ask prepared behavioural questions and recognise when to ask follow-up questions for further clarification and expansion by the candidate
  • be friendly and attentive and remain alert for non-verbal cues
  • invite questions from the candidate at the end of the interview and explain the next step
Having acknowledged there were several good reminders in the video regarding interviewer techniques - do you have any constructive criticism about how the interview could have been conducted even more effectively?