Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Interview Tips

interview tipsInterview Tip #1  Handling the Behavioural Interview

You may already have found that many organisations are now adopting the behavioural interview, in which interviewers ask for specific examples where you have displayed the capabilities they seek. If you're not very familiar with behavioural interviews, then you will need to invest additional time and thought in identifying examples from your working history when you have actually displayed the capabilities which the job description defines.

Depending upon the requirements of the job, you may need to prepare examples of when you have solved problems, or dealt with difficult customers, or demonstrated initiative for example.

The following video clip offers some great advice on how to structure your answer in response to a "behavioural" question - and also useful tips on how to project yourself during the interview

Interview Tip # 2 How to Answer "So tell me a bit about yourself?"

This is one of the most common interview questions, so you need to be prepared with an answer. The following video clip offers some useful advice ....

Interview Tip # 3 Make a Good First Impression
You are probably aware that first impressions will have a significant influence over the interviewer's hiring decision and the following video clip offers a useful reminder about some obvious do's and don'ts for creating a positive first impression

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