Friday, November 27, 2015

Is interview coaching right for you?

An interview coach to help you prepare 

So, you're thinking about getting some interview coaching? That's great - feeling well prepared for your interview will certainly help you to project confidence and conviction.

But will seeing a professional interview coach be worth the time and money? Will it offer you any extra benefits that practicing with a trusted friend or colleague can't offer you?
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Well, before answering these questions, let me declare the obvious ..... There is some potential self-interest in my response. I've been delivering interview training and interview coaching services here in Melbourne for more than twenty years ....... So, having made this not-surprising disclosure - what do I believe a good experienced interview coach can do for you?
  1. They should be able to assist you in clarifying any possible points of difference - which in turn help you to "stand out from the crowd". In other words, there may be unique aspects of your career history that have equipped you with some skills and particular strengths that are not possessed by other candidates (ie. your competition)
  2. An interview coach will have you rehearse and practice your responses to possible interview questions ....... And provide you with feedback to help you present your skills and capabilities more effectively
  3. You will gain feedback on both the content of your responses to questions - as well as the style and structure of your responses. Impressions that others gain about you during the job interview, like any form of interpersonal communication, are influenced as much by how you deliver your message as by what you actually say. You might be surprised by the number of times that I have observed interviewees display body language that undermines their credibility. So gaining good quality feedback will improve your self-awareness. And the feedback you receive should include identifying your interview strengths - not just focus on what needs to change.
So, it's up to you to determine whether the investment of time and money will be worth it. However, any type of preparation that helps you to gain control over your interview nerves (don't expect to eliminate anxiety completely) can only help you to sell yourself more effectively.

What can you expect to pay?

Depends partly upon the level of experience of the interview coach - but usually the fees will range from between $175 - $350 per session (the top end being more for executive positions) - with a session typically lasting from 1 hour and up to 2 hours. My fee is $250 + gst. (Enquires 0430 972 578)

And like any type of service provider, some interview coaches are better than others. So word-of-mouth referral is always a useful guide. But otherwise, don't be afraid to probe the experience and also the approach of any potential interview coach before booking your session. See how well they are able to sell their experience to you - because if they're not convincing with this, then maybe they are not the right coach for you.

In particular, given the increased use of behavioural questions by interviewers - check out that your proposed interview coach has a solid grasp of how to respond to these types of questions.

About the author
Brian Carroll is the founder of Performance Development, a leading corporate training & HR consulting company. 

He is a qualified psychologist and a highly experienced  interview coach based in Melbourne, who will help you to prepare for your interview. Through practice and feedback, you will polish your interview skills and gain more confidence.

If you want expert help rehearsing for your next interview, then call or text Brian for interview coaching on 0430 972 578